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We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company Our quality policy statement is: “Quality and by quality only - as there is no other way”. We recognize our core values are the building blocks for achieving our strategic focuses. These Core Values guide our behavior at all levels in the company by providing a yardstick to tell "good" from "bad" and "right" from "wrong". Quality and standards are fundamental components to achieve our goals in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction thus delivering superior services. Quality management system enables us to keep track of the effectiveness of our processes and procedures and enable us to achieve improved solutions in all aspects of our business.

The policy lays down the broad objectives for Quality and its commitment to quality. The Management has ensured that the policy is relevant to the Company’s goals and incorporates the needs and expectations of the Principals, Clients, Employees and Suppliers

The Management shall make the resources for implementation of this policy available and it will assume a participative role to demonstrate its commitment to Policy. Management will review the effectiveness of its policy for quality whenever necessary. The commitment for continuous improvement is suitably addressed and reflected in the policy and is especially brought out in the sentence ‘a quality system that is dynamic and a way of life’. 

Appropriate forums are there to identify improvement opportunities like interface meetings/ audits/ management review meeting etc. We constantly challenge our processes, stimulate to think beyond boundaries and look for ways to create value for our customers.

We set high standards – in our endeavor to be the best and demand the same high standards from our vendors. We embrace continual improvement – striving to do the right things right at the first time and adopt quality tools to pursue performance excellence. Our staff is quality awareness trained & Quality has been integrated into the daily business & goals of each department and employee.

The Quality Policy has been made known to everyone in the company through general orientation training given to all existing and new employees and by displaying the Quality Policy at prominent locations in the office.

The Management reviews the effectiveness of its policy whenever required. Measurable objectives have been set for the company reinforced by the individual process objectives with the basic framework of evaluating them at necessary intervals.